The Protector



The California Immobilizer Protector midel is used as an anti-theft device for protecting any wheel size vehicle from golf carts, boats, trailers, cars and up to 5 ton trucks. The California Immobilizer Protector model is extremely easy to install, just open the Protector wide, then close it in on the tire and push the lock in. It takes less than 5 seconds. It is supplied with spikes that may be installed for extra protection or left off depending upon the user. For soft parking enforcement the Protector is used as a parking deterrent today with US Coast Guard, US Army, high schools, retaurants, and ski resorts. Some securioty companies prefer to use two Protectors per vehicle negating the chance of wheel removal. The Protector can be keyed-a-like. Safety has been foremost in the design of the Protector. We have made the Protector safe to install by covering the welded hinges with rubber boots to save hands from being trapped or pinched. The Protector weighs only 10.5 pounds and can be stored very easily in the trunck of your car. One size fits all: cars, trucks, vans, motorbikes, jet ski trailers, motorhomes, boat trailers, horse trailers, atv\'s, utility trailers, practically anything on wheels.
# 20-1120